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Read 1st Chapter of Sadie’s Texas Cowboy Saviors Here

23 Oct

SADIE’S TEXAS COWBOY SAVIORS Raw Texas Heat 2 KAYLA KNIGHTCopyright © 2011 Prologue Sadie’s eyes flicked wide open. Dazed and in a stupor, she tried to see, but the darkness seemed impenetrable. Panicking, she attempted to move, but couldn’t. What was happening? Where was she? Then she heard it—the slow sloshing of fluid above her. […]

4 Star Review for Her Long Hot Surrender

22 Oct

MR Review Rating:  Reviewer: Alberta Review: I reviewed Her Texas Oil Billionaires not long ago by the same author, and this one is every bit as hot and steamy. They must grow ‘em big and sexy and willing to share in Texas! Madi is pure and simple, a bitch, when she first arrives in her old […]