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Read the 1st Chapter of Her Long Hot Surrender Free

23 May

HER LONG HOT SURRENDER Raw Texas Heat  #3 KAYLA KNIGHT Copyright © 2011 Prologue Madison nervously glanced at her watch. She figured she had exactly eight minutes to enter Carson’s study and access his computer. Her husband was so predictable. Every morning, he’d rise at six thirty, take a shower, and breakfast by seven. Today […]

Read the 1st Chapter of Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men Free

22 May

HER TEXAS BILLIONAIRE OIL MEN Raw Texas Heat # 1 KAYLA KNIGHT Copyright © 2011 Chapter One Jake McKenna signed the last of the documents with a flourish of his platinum fountain pen. With his hands behind his head, he leaned back in his leather executive chair and placed his booted feet on the mahogany desk. […]