4 Star Review for Her Long Hot Surrender

22 Oct

Her Long Hot SurrenderMR Review
Reviewer: Alberta

I reviewed Her Texas Oil Billionaires not long ago by the same author, and this one is every bit as hot and steamy. They must grow ‘em big and sexy and willing to share in Texas!

Madi is pure and simple, a bitch, when she first arrives in her old hometown to take care of her dying mother. The way she treats her next door neighbors, Tyler and Gabe, is downright shameful. Most men would be turned off, but not these two. They believe they can make her realize that she belongs with them, and they can knock that snooty chip off her shoulder.

Madi still has some past issues to deal with, including the fact that someone wants her dead. She’s pretty sure she knows who that is, but she needs the Hays brothers to help her get rid of him once and for all.

The summer heats up, as does the romance, the ménage, the danger. Her Long Hot Surrender is a good read, if only for the hot sex, but the nice guys, the bad guy, and the mystery make it even better.

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