Sadie’s Texas Cowboy Saviors

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5 STARS: “The sex is incredible.  You will find yourself reading the sex scenes over and over again…
As incredible as the sex is, the romance and plot are equally great.  Very few books can manage to be sexually tantalizing while having well-defined characers and a strong plot.   This book is hot.  It is one to read and recommend to your friends.” — Stephanie Rollins, BookReviewsRus

4.5 STARS: “Mind-blowing story that leaves you guessing until the very end.  I was fascinated throughout the whole story, you don’t know what happened to Sadie, but know there it is something haunting.  I loved the dynamics between the brothers, the hint of jealousy is unique when it comes to a ménage story and heightens the book to another level.” — Emily, Sensual Reads

4 Tea Cups: “Read how Sadie, Matt and Joe’s relationship flourished in just a matter of a week. Sure it was something that happened quickly but it was like they were really made for each other…They are truly a wonderful ménage relationship. Pick up for copy today and lose yourself in this erotic romance story.” Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews

Sadie’s Texas Cowboy Saviors

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Sadie's Texas Cowboy SaviorsA traumatic experience causes twenty-five-year-old Sadie Myers to lose her memory. All that connects her to the past is an old photograph of herself standing outside a cattle ranch in Texas. Frightened and confused, but needing answers, she heads straight for the ranch.

When cowboy brothers Matt and Joe Connors discover Sadie hiding in their barn, their first thought is to help and protect her. However, Sadie is a temptress. This beautiful woman bewitches and beguiles them, and they are unable to resist her feminine charms and latent sexuality.

Sadie needs these two hunky cowboys like the air that she breathes. She feels sure they will protect her from the unknown threat that has caused her memory loss.

Will Sadie be able to face her past when her memory returns? Or will her traumatic earlier life prove too powerful for her and her cowboy lovers to overcome?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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