Release Day ~ Her Long Hot Surrender

9 Sep

I’m so excited, today is release day for the 3rd installment in my RAW TEXAS HEAT series.



Les Byerley has created a stunning cover for this story. The heroine is exactly as I imagined ~ feisty!

Here’s the blurb:

The unrelenting Texas heat is not the only reason why twenty-eight-year-old Madi Allen’s temperature is soaring. The Hayes brothers, who work the ranch next door, are hotter than July! Gabe and Tyler are in their prime, and can satisfy her every sexual fantasy. Just one problem—they enjoy ménages!
The cowboy brothers have their sights firmly set on Madi. Still smarting from a failed marriage, she’s returned home after ten years away. Alpha males Gabe and Tyler will enjoy taming the opinionated firebrand into submission.
When her sick mother reveals a secret, Madi finds herself at a crossroads. One way lies the return to her privileged Washington life. The other way lies the incredibly sexy Hayes brothers. Should she enjoy all that Gabe and Tyler have to offer, or take the sensible option and return to her old life?

You can read an adult excerpt on Bookstrand HERE or read a story excerpt below.
Madison had the perfect body. Full, luscious tits, ripe and thrusting in the yellow bikini top. Just a tiny yellow G-string covered her pussy. He licked his lips and chuckled. “Gabe, I swear she’s doing it on purpose. How come every time I look over there, she’s rubbing lotion into that fuck-me body of hers?”

“Even at school, Madison was a prickteaser. I guess she’s just perfected the art over time.” Gabe laughed.

“Well, she’s driving me fucking crazy.” Gabe was right. His cock was as hard as the nails he’d been banging into the roof. Tyler took a generous swig of water from the canteen, and then poured some over his head. He flicked his hair, sending spray in every direction. It felt wonderful as it dripped down his body, cooling everything except the prominent swelling in his jeans that just wouldn’t quit.
Gabe moved higher up the roof to get a better view, pretending to be measuring. He stood leaning against the chimney. His older brother certainly didn’t have a fear of heights. That was for sure. Gabe winked at him. “We should play Little Miss Pricktease at her own game.” His brother wrenched off his T-shirt, and stood naked from the waist up. He beckoned with his hand. “Toss me the water.”
Tyler threw him the canteen, and Gabe drenched himself in the cooling liquid. As he shook his head, the water cascaded down his naked chest in shimmering rivulets.
“You think she’s gonna be impressed by you posing on top of the roof, Gabe?”
“What you have to understand, Ty, is the modern woman thinks the same as a man. She’s interested in sex just as much as we are.”
Tyler nodded. “You’re probably right, but Madison is just prick-teasing us.”
Gabe touched his temple. “I’m telling you, I know. I’ve seen it in her eyes. She just wants to get laid, with no strings attached. Why do you think she’s stretched out there by the pool, giving us hard-ons when we’re trying to work?”
“To get a tan.”
“Wrong. It’s to show us she’s available. Anyway, we’ll soon know if my hunch is right.”
“How?” Tyler shook his head.
“Have you ever seen her take a swim?”
“Then I suggest you take your shirt off, too, and watch the show. If Madi’s affected by our naked torsos, then she’ll dive straight into that pool to cool down. You see if I’m wrong.”
“I think the sun’s addled your brain, because you’re getting delusional.”
“Just humor me. If I’m right, then I get to make the first move. If I’m wrong, then you can rip the piss out of me for the rest of the day.”
Seeing his brother crash and burn was too good an opportunity to miss. “Count on it.” Tyler ripped the shirt from his back, glad for the light breeze on his naked flesh. He stood and climbed the roof to the chimney stack next to Gabe. No sooner had he reached his brother than Madi rose from the sunlounger.
“What did I tell you?”
“She might be just moving into the shade.”
They both watched her take her sunglasses off and then stand by the edge of the pool. “Fuck, she’s hot,” Gabe observed. “I bet her cunt tastes real good.”
Tyler had to agree. Long legs, a cinched-in waist, and beautiful blonde hair. Now he knew how Adam felt in the Garden of Eden when he was tempted by Eve. She made a perfect dive into the pool, her womanly shape making barely a ripple. She surfaced a few seconds later, smoothed the water from her hair, and swam to the edge.
Gabe slapped him on the back. “See, what did I tell you?”
Tyler wasn’t convinced. “So you gonna try your luck?” He had to admit to feeling a little jealous. Gabe had set himself up to make the first move. He and his brother always shared everything, right down the middle, and that even included women.
Gabe grinned. “Yeah, I reckon I might.” He motioned with his thumb in the direction of their prey as she climbed out the pool. “If we work it right, she’ll want both of us, but first you gotta leave.”
Tyler shook his head. “I knew there’d be a catch.” He felt like he’d been stitched up good and proper.
His brother put a comforting hand on his shoulder. “This woman needs handling with kid gloves.”

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