4 Tea Cups: Her Long Hot Surrender
“Well Ms. Knight has done it again with the third book in Raw Texas Heat. This has everything that you would expect in this enticing ménage romance story. This story draws you in from the beginning and it is hard to put the story down. The relationship development between the characters was perfect; they had their ups and downs like any relationship. Ms. Knight writes the scenes vey well and some of those scenes are steaming HOT.” ~ Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews ~ Read More

4 Stars: Her Long Hot Surrender
“I reviewed Her Texas Oil Billionaires not long ago by the same author, and this one is every bit as hot and steamy. They must grow ‘em big and sexy and willing to share in Texas!…The summer heats up, as does the romance, the ménage, the danger. Her Long Hot Surrender is a good read, if only for the hot sex, but the nice guys, the bad guy, and the mystery make it even better.” – Alberta, Manicreaders ~ Read More

5 STARS: Sadie’s Texas Cowboy Saviors
“The sex is incredible.  You will find yourself reading the sex scenes over and over again…As incredible as the sex is, the romance and plot are equally great.  Very few books can manage to be sexually tantalizing while having well-defined characters and a strong plot.   This book is hot.  It is one to read and recommend to your friends.” — Stephanie Rollins, BookReviewsRus ~ Read More

4.5 Stars: Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men
“The sexual chemistry between Taylor and her men is off the charts and she fits between them literally, like she was made just for Jake and Brody. There is plenty of sex, all M/F with no hint of M/M. The sex with Taylor and Brody is very sensual and feels as though major healing is taking place. Taylor and Jake sexual actions are raw and raunchy and so very good. When the three get together and form the ménage, the heat explodes off the pages.” — L T Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews ~ Read More

4 Tea Cups: Sadie’s Texas Cowboy Saviors
“Read how Sadie, Matt and Joe’s relationship flourished in just a matter of a week. Sure it was something that happened quickly but it was like they were really made for each other. The only problem is that at the beginning of the relationship the brothers had a difficult time sharing Sadie, but they realized that if they did not they would lose her. Matt is so loving, passionate and takes his time loving Sadie and then you have Joe who is more of the take charge type with a little bit of pain and pleasure mix into his loving. They are truly a wonderful ménage relationship. Pick up for copy today and lose yourself in this erotic romance story.” — Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews ~ Read More

4.5 Stars: Sadie’s Texas Cowboy Saviors
“Mind-blowing story that leaves you guessing until the very end.  I was fascinated throughout the whole story, you don’t know what happened to Sadie, but know there it is something haunting.  I loved the dynamics between the brothers, the hint of jealousy is unique when it comes to a ménage story and heightens the book to another level.” — Emily, Sensual Reads ~ Read More

Lovely Rose: Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men
I came to care for each character and was able to fall in love with them and their story. It is erotic, sensual, spicy, fun, intense, believable story one that pulls you in with each page. I could not put it down, I had things I needed to get done, but every time I turned around I was reaching for this story. Loved it and I recommend it for other lovers of erotic romance with the taste of two cowboys and a sassy female heroine. Also might I add that the suspense though I sort of suspected what might come about still was pleasantly done and the plot very satisfying with a satisfying ending. I will be looking for more from this author.” Nichelle, Romancing the Book ~ Read More

4.5 Stars: Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men
“I thought this was a ton of fun.  Had some hilarious moments in the story and each character had interesting back stories that added to the book.  I really liked Brody, he was almost hauntingly sad in the beginning and to see him blossom as he gets to know Taylor was amazing.  Great read.” — Emily, Sensual Reads ~ Read more

4.5 Nymphs: Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men
Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men is the first book in the Raw Texas Heat series. Brody’s despondency over his wife’s death is so true to life in a lot of situations. I liked that Jake was worried about his friend enough that he tried to force Brody to actively start living, instead of existing. Taylor is that catalyst, once the men look beneath the surface to the woman she really is.

Taylor’s ex was so controlling to the point of possessiveness and I liked that Taylor realized it, though not before breaking up several times. Once Taylor, Brody and Jake get together, the chemistry between them is hot. There are two situations that are pivotal to the resolution of some problems that crop up between the three of them. Both situations are very true to life and will get your heart pounding. I am looking forward to reading the book in this series.” — Amazon, Literary Nymphs Reviews ~ Read More

4 Cherries: Her Texas Billionaire Oil Men
There are some books that are so well written and the plot laid out in such away that it is as if you are right there, a part of the story and characters. This is one of those. You get the feeling that you actually know Jack, Brody, and Taylor and have a personal stake as a friend or family member in how things turn out for the three in the end. There are a few well-laid twists within the story and the road to Happy Ever After does not come easy.
This book will definitely set your computer on fire and leave you with some hot graphic details to fuel your dreams.” — Myrtle, Whipped Cream Reviews ~ Read More